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I believe home cooks can be the most innovative, particularly when there are many members in their household. Quick dishes, clever seasonings, and quantity control… these things get easier over time.

This time, inspired by a friend’s Snapchat image of a scrumptious burger and onion rings, I had to have a burger, right there and then.

As having made chole the night before, I had some of the chickpeas leftover. Adding some mashed potato, a half a beetroot, more seasonings and breadcrumbs; I had the ideal burger patty.

Moreover, I even managed to find mini burger buns – perfect for a snack and even better looking if you are entertaining. These mini sizes are available in most local bakeries and supermarkets.

Burgers have a traditional of lettuce, tomatoes, onions and pickles standard, but it’s fun to stray away from the usual every once in a while.

I piled my burgers with some caramelized onions, feta and Dijon mustard. I had a jar of ginger marmalade jam that I had yet to open, so I used it for the onions. I added some dried thyme as well. Recipe for the caramelized onions is here. As mentioned there, the formula for caramelized onions is pretty simple: onions + sweetener + sour + spice + herbs.

Grill the patties and assemble with the feta cheese, Dijon mustard, lettuce and onions – and you have for yourself a fancy looking, sounding and tasting burger!

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