-All happiness depends on a leisurely lunch.--John Gunther 


A luxurious Sunday brunch with the family is always what the doctor prescribes for a happy and healthy life. But how luxurious can it be for the one preparing the brunch?

French toast is an awesome sweet addition to the breakfast table, and instead of doing individual portions this casserole serves up the whole table in one go, and the mix berries and almond streusel topping fancy it up rather well!

This casserole is a perfect bake for a lazy Sunday as it actually needs to be done beforehand, to soak for a while, and if you use thick bread like hard French bread or brioche, you can leave it overnight even.

The streusel can also be made beforehand, and you just need to add it in with the fresh or frozen berries before baking.

The bake time is short, and the aroma that will waft through your home will beckon everyone to the table!


Recipe: Cinnamon Bun Butter 

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