Hal Borland


It’s almost the year end, and the sense of liberation is slowly creeping in. There has been a passive, pessimistic ambience worldwide and a general agreement that 2016 really needs to end now (think: Trump, taxes, demonetization…). For once, I agree with the world. But at the same time, I’m being positive, as I usually am, knowing we all need to go through trying times to get to the good stuff. Let’s hope all the trials and tribulations of 2016 will be done with once and for all and 2017 will introduce an era of compassion, sensibility, and lots of laughter and joy. 

And as a small precursor to all the good things we hope to enjoy in 2017, I share with you one of my favourite recipes for homemade cinnamon rolls. These mouth-watering bites will make you fall in love, warm your soul and bring a smile that will last you all day.

The method of making them is true to the Kitchen Therapy motto of being extremely therapeutic and joyous. If you have children, let them join in, it will bring a bundle of laughter on a Sunday morning. And if you’re with a loved one, make it a couple’s thing to do.

You can make them within an hour, there is no waiting period, and the preparation time is a bare minimum.

A short video is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OiGkrBuXp4U 

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