It seems my voluptuousness has made me the poster child of cream, butter and malai, as these are the recipes perennially picked by my producers in every proposal I sent. They rarely pick out the brown rice, quinoa or jaggery ones from me. And I feel slight bit liberated about this – it gives me an excuse to look as I do, without worrying about preaching about low calorie foods, healthier versions and what-nots. There are enough qualified people out there doing this for you. So I come bearing comfort recipes that anyone who is normal enough, needs on a regular basis. These two dishes are my answers:

Mushroom Fettuccine & Creamy Tomato Pasta

Cooking did not come into my life as a means to get healthy or to tackle a health situation. It came as a way to escape daily chores and go on a nostalgic journey from some moment or another of the past. As I grew older, finding new ingredients to work with excited me much more than other things. It was a common joke amongst my old friends that Kamini is the easiest to appease to – good cappuccino, a slice of chocolate cake and a block of cheese does the job.

So, here you go, two recipes that go against the rules and ethos of any dietician, nutritionist and wanna-be health preacher, but will go agreeably well with your heart, soul and mind! (Psst… don’t forget to subscribe to the YouTube channels!)