India Food Network: Thai Noodle Soup

India Food Network: Thai Noodle Soup

Life has been hectic the past few months and more often than not I appear to be a headless chicken, in my own little zone trying desperately to meet deadlines, manage the store, do recipe trials, go to shoots, conduct shoots, memorize lines... all while fighting my inner creative side to quit it all and sit down and write out all that creative work going on inside my head. I am constantly on the move between a couple of offices, a factory, my kitchen, my store and each of which are at opposite ends of the city. I’ve become infamous for my mother’s calls (read: screams) on where to send my tiffin; and God bless her, it’s been a routine since six months, and she still has not given up on me.

Anyone who said you can do it all is lying. I’ve been desperately hanging onto threads to manage my time (poorly), and do everything that my heart desires and it’s evident that I shall soon either break down or call it quits (my father has his bets on me taking up painting next!). And while I am at my wits ends, and I’ve been long advised to let go of at least one thing, I cannot decide which one. Each part of my work life, Kitchen Therapy and writing projects have become an integral part of me and perhaps there is a lack of a ‘play life’ but honestly, I wouldn’t want it any other way.

So, we come to this delightful warming, soul searching soup that is made in ridiculous time, packed with so much flavor and aromatics – Thai Coconut Curry Noodle Soup. This recipe inspiration is needless to say, arrives from trying to do all of the above and also eat real good in between! A one-pot soup, with minimal effort and a delight to eat / drink!


Additional Tips:

Can add any kind of vegetables that you have – green beans, sprouts, mushrooms, bok choy

For a protein boost, you can add pieces of tofu, paneer or a soft-boiled egg

You can replace the yellow Thai curry paste with red or green paste

For a spice hit, add in some fresh green or red chilies

Do recreate this dish at home and upload the pictures on any of the social media platforms and remember to tag us – we’ll definitely repost you!

Thank you!

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