One for heartacheTwo for boysThree for cocktailsFour for joyMeet the fabulous four, Neha, Sanya, Lara and Palak—Young women, who love their drink as much as they love each other! Neha doesn’t care much about her career and is not sure if she even fancies her clingy, judgmental boyfriend. Will she ever find true love?Luscious sex goddess, Sanya– a man-eater with a hard as rock heart. But what will happen to her when her heart’s defences are breached, and by a man who isn’t worth it?Lara, engaged to the love of her life, but trying desperately to survive her monstrous in-laws to be. Will her marriage break even before it happens?Step-by-step life planner Palak is in a perfect, almost dream-like relationship. But will her promotion and transfer shake the very foundation of her life and love?In Goa to sort their heads out, the girls realize that there’s nothing a little chocolate, cocktails and margaritas can’t cure!