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Adult Pop Tarts

“I'd be so happy to be sitting at my desk, eating a Pop tart and keying away… nothing would please me more.” Ray Burrows


Today I would like to branch out and thank all those who have been following Kitchen Therapy so ardently, trying out the recipes, sending in pictures, and little notes – it means the world! Creating and developing a food blog is always borne out of passion, and rarely provides much in return other then self-satisfaction. It does not earn you money, fame or serve as a platform for other opportunities. It is simply a voluntary place of expression, a desire to share ideas, in this case, to cook and bake. So THANK YOU!!

My schedule is rather busy, with very little free time. I try very hard to discipline myself to devote time to Kitchen Therapy at nights and to cook/bake on Sundays and one free afternoon in the week. However, discipline and I haven’t been getting along, and I do end up procrastinating on assignments with the blog. It is, after all, therapeutic!

In the past few posts, you may notice I’ve been focusing on snacking foods, rather than main dishes, simply because I have been suffering from a wandering mind, and a lack of appetite. Chocolate and coffee seem to be my only good friend at times, and I’ve been forcing veggies down my throat in vain. Let’s hope this month is better, and we can work ourselves into better and healthier eating.


In the meantime, let’s talk about pop tarts! My mother is very strict, and pop tarts were never an option as breakfast. I would wait to go to a gora friends’ house to play so that I could shamelessly ask for one.

So trying to make a pop tart at home was out of the question, so I tricked her by saying I am making something healthy with figs, and sneaked a strawberry one in for myself. (I do realise it’s about time I grow up.)


These “adult” pop tarts are filled with a homemade fig paste, as well as a homemade orange and cranberry marmalade. They are baked in a sweet pastry dough, and then topped with icing and adult-approved toppings. You could serve them as a dessert with some ice cream, or simply have them as is, warm and oozing with flavour. The choice is yours!

Other filling options are: piece of chocolate, Nutella, fruit jams and preserves (I would recommend thickening them with a spoon or two of corn starch), or fresh fruit with some cinnamon and brown sugar.

The icing is a simple white icing, and you can top with any kind of nuts, sprinkles, orange or lemon zest, candied fruit and so on.


Fig Paste Recipe

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