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Avocado Salad

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We’ve been MIA for a while but a short break was very much in order. We all need a bit of down time, and a mini-vacation in the midst of the jungles with no phones, Internet or newspapers was just what the soul demanded. I managed to read through six amazing books, write a bit, and experience a deep sleep like never before. And we’re back feeling better than ever and ready to take on the world!

Avocado is not just Nigella’s favourite, but mine too. I didn’t think to put this up, but my cousin from New York said, “You need to put these kind of things up, no matter how easy you think it is!”

The avocado counts as a healthy fat, has vitamins B5, B6, C, E, and K, along with folate and potassium. Hence, they are great for your skin. Avocados are also high on fibre and increase antioxidant absorption from other foods… Now if only avocados were easily available in my city!

The simplest, yet tastiest way to eat the avocado is for breakfast, seasoned simply with lemon, olive oil and salt and pepper. But sometimes you need something a bit more dressed up and substantial.

These avocados are sliced, with tomatoes, olives and shaved Parmigianino. The homemade vinaigrette is with a grainy mustard, extra virgin olive oil, lemon and herbs.

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