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Genoa Vegetable Crumb Bake

Virginia Woolf


Trying to eat healthy is an extremely hard task for me and I know I’m not alone in my struggle. People like us have an intense love affair with food, and resisting the urge to eat countless slices of cake, fried goodies and cheese-laden dishes is almost an impossible task. Sticking to a regimented healthy lifestyle is tough, to say the least. But at Kitchen Therapy, we aim to make healthy food appetising and pleasing to the palate in innovative ways and most importantly, easy ways!

SPRIG’s Genoa Spice Blend is a beautiful blend of Italian herbs and spices, which instantly adds amazing flavour to any dish. This recipe is a perfect one for those sticking to a diet and everyone else in general, as the veggies are tasty, while the bread crumb topping is delicious and appetising in every way.
The vegetables are thrown together with some olive oil, the spices and seasoning and roasted for 30 to 40 minutes, and then covered with the topping and baked an additional 10 minutes or so. The steps are easy, and you manage to get in all the vegetables, including greens and some carbs with the sweet potatoes. The spice blend lends beautiful notes of smoked spices with traditional Italian herbs and doesn’t require any additions.
In the crumb mixture I add some chopped walnuts and pumpkin seeds for added nutrition along with the Genoa spice blend, cayenne pepper and Parmesan cheese. This bake can be a whole meal in itself with some soup, boiled eggs or a fresh salad and for non-dieters a side dish with a meat course or rice.

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