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Herbed Cheese Ball

Cheese - milk's leap toward immortality. Clifton Fadiman


As part of our CHEESE PLATTER ON A BUDGET, here is an easy homemade flavoured cream cheese that can fill in as a soft cheese on your cheese board.

Herbed cheeses are a great hit, and particularly easy to make. As a kid my brother and I were addicted to Boursin garlic and herbed cheese on toast. It was the one thing that remained constant amongst my many childhood food habits. My eyes still light up at the sight of this precious white package.

However, living in Ahmedabad, we haven’t been privy to such exotic cheeses in the market and I have been forced to recreate it at home. This is also a great addition to a fancy cheese platter and a great crowd-pleaser. This takes all but 5 minutes to make and can be made hours or a day in advance, easing up the day of the party.

I use Amul cream cheese with a hint of expensive blue cheese and speckle them with fresh and dried herbs. I then roll the ball over dried green herbs and sprinkle a good amount of dried thyme and nuts on top for a fancy touch.

You can also make this into a sweeter version, if you are not serving a sweet preserve on the platter. For this, you can add in chopped cranberries, raisins, lemon or orange zest, and pair with walnuts or pecans.



Amul Cream Cheese (200g): Rs. 75      

Danish Blue Cheese (100g): Rs. 350 (but you are using half or less = Rs. 175)

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