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Mango Chili Cooler

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Food requires constant innovation and experiments to refresh the soul. One of the latest trends is using large habanero peppers in cocktails. As mentioned before, my new favourite app is Snapchat and the inspiration waves are endless. So many home chefs are documenting their food journeys on the app, and hearing a voice behind some of your favourite food bloggers is just so exciting… and you get a peep into their kitchens!

Some of the Snapchatters I recommend following:






Brunchboys [this guy is easy on the eyes too 😉 ]


Now this recipe is inspired not by a food blog, but a friend who travels the world and snaps the mouth-watering dishes she eats/drinks. This one is a drink with a habanero. It looked just too good to be true; this trend has caught on so well at every famous bars.

Today we are making a poor copycat of that drink (due to no habaneros!), but it’s tasty nonetheless and serving it as a mocktail is a refreshing change to the usual suspects. For a cocktail simply shake in a shot of gin or tequila and you’re good to go!

Fresh mango is smashed up with a roasted chilli pepper, lime juice, lime zest, sugar and a pinch of salt. Strain it through a sieve into a cold glass, and pour bitter tonic water. Garnish with some slices of chilli and stalks of coriander.

This contrast of sweet, sour and spicy creates fireworks in your mouth and you are left with an exhilarating aftertaste.

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