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Mexican Makhanas

Julia Child


We’ve been indulging our sweet tooth for quite some time and perhaps its time to watch our sugar for a bit (and by that, I mean till my next post!).

What exactly is makhana? Everyone was going on and on about this blah substitute for popcorn, and honestly, anything filled with air just didn’t appeal to me. But, sometimes you have to take a leap of sensibility and say, I have to eat this instead of a cheese toast to fill up before dinner!

These white pops are expensive, and taste of nothing really – okay I know I’m not making a great case for them, but I’m getting to something here, I promise.

Makhanas are rich in protein, calcium, manganese, phosphorus, thiamin, and potassium. They are also gluten free. So, yes, there is a reason to eat them.

And in order to gulp them down, I season them with spicy Mexican flavours, which is perhaps the only way around for me to eat them. Clearly diet food and I do not get along!

I use a pinch of the Mole Sauce from SPRIG, along with paprika, cumin and taco seasoning, and olive oil. You can make a big batch of them at one go and store to eat through the week.

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