Quick Frozen Yoghurt


When I came across Bake with Shivesh’s Instagram post of Frozen Yoghurt, it got me go down memory lane.

I discovered the joys of fro-yo in Boston during my college years. Close to my campus was this little gyros place that made frozen yoghurt in a variety of flavours that varied from double fudge chocolate, summer fruits, and exotic concoctions. During mid-terms and finals, my friends and I usually walked there for a quick break, and even sometimes during the freezing cold, we managed to gobble down cups of frozen yoghurt – it’s supposed to be healthy thanks to the yoghurt in place of cream and lower sugar quotient. This is my cheat version which is made in a smoothie maker – and yes I bought one just to make fro-yo and not any sort of protein shake! The smoothie mixer is ideal as the blades can cut through ice, and our frozen berries tend to break a normal mixer at times. A few blitz is all it takes for this delicious berry hued sweet treat.

When it’s just done, I like to swirl it into a cone as a soft serve, and once hardened, a proper scoop.


The Recipe
Serves 10 scoops


  • 180 g Greek Yoghurt
  • 300 g Frozen Rasberries
  • 1 tbsp Honey


  • Let the frozen fruit sit for 5 to 10 minutes out.
  • Add the yoghurt, frozen berries and honey in a high-powered blender and blitz for about 30 seconds, until blended and creamy. Careful not to overmix and melt the mixture.
  • You can scoop out immediately to eat as soft serve or place in freezer to firm up before eating.