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Radish Toasts

French is the language that turns dirt into romance. Stephen King


This recipe is an ultimate embarrassingly easy recipe at Kitchen Therapy. When you read the recipe you will smack your head for not thinking about doing this yourself first – because that is exactly what I did to myself when I read this a few years ago on a blog somewhere.

But today it all changed when I returned from an organic farm with these gorgeous radishes in beautiful pink hues – it was simply too beautiful to not share. By the way, this recipe is, but of course, French. Trust them to make even the simplest of things seem so sophisticated with a je ne sais quoi

So here goes nothing…

Slice the radishes, heat up a non-stick pan, with a big pat of butter, throw in the radishes and cook them until they soften gently. Add a sprig of thyme (I used a ice cube of the frozen thyme) and some salt and pepper.

Toast up some bread, and arrange the radishes on top. Serve.

I know. It’s pretty ridiculous. But it’s delicious.

Bon appetit.

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