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Stuffed Zucchini Rolls

jack kerouac

This recipe is inspired from my Roman holiday, the land of endless carbs and delicate yet rich sauces. Withdrawal symptom from vacations are the hardest to deal with, and getting back to work is painful. But if you’re lucky to be in a creative study field like mine, the return to normalcy is not as bad, and you are rejuvenated!

These zucchini rolls bake is the ideal dinner to come back to when you’re starving but must diet to get rid of those pasta-loaded love handles!

It takes a bit of time and effort, but they taste incredible (the zucchini takes time to grill!). The tomato sauce is simple, like one for pasta and can be made beforehand. The stuffing is fragrant, light and oh so delicate, and can also be made beforehand and refrigerated. Please do use lemon zest liberally with the paneer and you can stuff the rolls with other ingredients as well such as boiled corn, sundried tomatoes, capers, or whatever takes your fancy. The choice is entirely yours. 

Strict meat lovers as well as the skinny lot who can afford all the bread in the world will inhale this dish!


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