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Tabouleh Salad

-Parsley - the jewel of herbs, both in the pot and on the plate.-- Albert Stokli

A friend of mine has a beautiful patch of vegetables, fruits and herbs. Home grown, organic and fresh from the garden – what more can you possibly want? She grows all kinds of herbs, various fruits like bananas, strawberries and mulberries, baby tomatoes, spinach…
Every time I meet her, I plan to grow my own vegetable patch, but recall when I tried last year – my two dogs peed on each herb, the peacocks ate the buds, and I over-watered them! I am a disaster when it comes to gardening, and I now believe I should leave this part to the pros.
When she gave me a nice handful of freshly cut parsley, I knew a tabouleh was in order. They were freshly picked, smelled amazing, and were a healthy green colour.
A luscious green salad, with wonderful citrus notes, and healthy bulgur wheat bits – and it’s extremely simple to make as well!
Finely chop up parsley, a few tomatoes, mint, and a simple dressing of lemon, olive oil, garlic and salt. Add in some cooked bulgur wheat (as simple as pouring in some boiling water, cover for a while, and that’s it).
It’s great compliment to a falafel, mezze platter, or simply a side salad to a bigger meal. For non-vegetarians I could recommend as a side to grilled fish in a lemon butter sauce with capers.

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