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The Quick Healthy Dessert

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Life is contained in the simple pleasures.

And that’s what a good mouthful of excellent food is – a simple pleasure. Food can provide an instant happiness. Some say they are short-lived, but isn’t that a good thing? Shouldn’t you be brought down so you can work your way up again? Isn’t that what life is about? Too much of a good thing can’t possibly be that good for you.

If your face lights up at the sight of a good cup of coffee, a creamy gelato, or mouth-watering burratta, I say you are a blessed soul, simple and kind to the core. If such small things in life can brighten your day and put a spring in your step, then you my friend, have so much in life that will work for you.


This is the quickest, and healthiest dessert you will ever make. This was my impromptu dessert when I made a large meal for the family and forgot about all about dessert (I surprisingly don’t have a sweet tooth, save for a chocolate cake)! I had a handful of blueberries that were too soft to enjoy on its own, and I had crushed them up with the idea to use for a salad dressing. Then I saw the slices of pineapple and I felt they could be in better use here! And lying close by was a jar of homemade granola.
Simply grill the pineapple with some sugar on a hot pan, and serve with ice cream, blueberry compote and crunchy granola. Healthy, quick, easy, and so delicious!
This isn’t rocket science… but it works so well and for the kitchen handicapped, this is ridiculously awesome! The coconut sugar, pineapples, blueberry with the olive oil combined makes for a tropical Hawaiian dessert without the guilt


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