Aprons by Kitchen Therapy

Aprons by Kitchen Therapy


As a chef, I spend my maximum time in aprons, which is why I understand the basic requirements of a good apron – comfortably covered on the top, a pocket at the bottom for the handy phone and napkin. Almost every time I walked into a store to buy an apron, I returned empty handed – because no matter how cute the aprons were, none gave me ‘full coverage’! I hated the fact that something that was free-size would not ‘fit’ me. So I did what any self-respecting voluptuous woman does – went ahead and made my own!

The specialty of Kitchen Therapy’s free-size adult aprons is that they are specifically made for normal-sized women. I’m trying to put this as delicately as possible but I’m just going to say it – it’s for women with ample bossoms with a chest width of about 11 inches, ensuring you are safely cover!!! And then there are some super cute ones for kids and teens.

Where can you find them? I’ll be introducing them on Tuesday, September 18th at Madhavrao, Ahmedabad between 11AM and 6PM

Contact us at: 9909957229

Beautiful Photography: Krishna Lalbhai

Adorable children: Rhea Shah & Anushi Shah

Special thanks to Rapti Bhaumik for helping me frame this in a ‘subtle’ manner!


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