Thirst Quenchers

Rosemary Spiced Syrup

you know what this feels like? christmas in a bottle!... Read More

Bees Knees + Honey Syrup

thirst quenchers yes, a new home, for me means a... Read More

Coconut Water Asian Curry Sauce

sauce   are you ever in a mental lull? this... Read More

Iced Vanilla Coffee with Toasted Almonds

old recipe thirst quenchers,thirst quenchers “to me, the smell of... Read More

Carrot Relish

dips & condiments,sandwiches   this was sort of an impromptu... Read More

Calming Latte

thirst quenchers our calming brew is a multi-tasking one, as you’ve seen... Read More

Earl Grey Old Fashioned

thirst quenchers the past week i spent on a site... Read More

Lemongrass Vodka Martini

thirst quenchers there is something about monsoon that calls for... Read More

Chamomile, Lavender + Bourbon Cocktail

thirst quenchers i use the calming brew that is cold brewed for... Read More

Sage Gimlet

thirst quenchers a herby take on the classic gimlet –... Read More

Lemongrass Vodka Soda

thirst quenchers remember when we made the lemongrass syrup for... Read More

Irish Whiskey Ale with Basil

thirst quenchers i found this cocktail when i was neck... Read More

Falsa Gin Cocktail

thirst quenchers every sunday, i come up with a new... Read More

Falsa Cordial

thirst quenchers phalsa or falsa – a delicious indian summer... Read More

Mango Ginger Gin Cocktail

thirst quenchers spice, sweet, fizz, gin. it’s nearing the end... Read More

Darjeeling + Orange Iced Tea

thirst quenchers growing up in the middle east, fresh mint... Read More

RedCha Hot Toddy

thirst quenchers i know we are way past christmas, but... Read More

Decadent Spiced Hot Chocolate

thirst quenchers there’s hot chocolate and there’s decadent hot chocolate.... Read More

Chamomile + Lavender Cordial

thirst quenchers this delicate calming brew is truly multipurpose. we have had... Read More

Homemade Oat Milk {vegan}

thirst quenchers lockdown period really does make us push our... Read More