Pantry essentials

Preparing for your kitchen/pantry

Every household – be it for one person or a joint family of people that don’t talk to each other – needs a pantry. The pantry is the heart of the home, no matter what they say. The other part that is the ‘hearth’ is the hand that feeds the rest. That, in most homes, is usually an underpaid domestic staff, who needs to be reminded to wash their hands before chopping the veggies.

Either way, it’s the pantry that holds the key to much happiness for me. The pantry is the safe-zone that I know I can walk to at any time of the day/night and feel reassured that all is well in the world.

Now, normal people will have a separate list of pantry essentials, but I would like to share the real essentials that are free from diet restrictions and all that nonsense.


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