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There are many kinds of affairs that one can have; the one closest to my heart is the one I have with food. My nomadic childhood, a food-crazy family, various travels and an amazing cook for a Mum all pushed my gastronomic pursuits further. With time, my kitchen travails extended beyond cupcakes and cheese biscuits; the palate craved for the finer tastes in life. As I got older, I turned to the kitchen for an escape and gradually, cooking turned out to become a therapeutic journey.

Kamini Patel

The beginning of Kitchen Therapy began when I hit writer’s block after my novel (The Morning After) published in 2012. This led me to create a platform to share my kitchen travails, which then took its own journey into making Kitchen Therapy a food blog, recipe development consultant for institutions, marketing collaborator, and a small batch production retail line which you can SHOP HERE.

I also have a show on India Food Network and IFN Veg which you can check out HERE!

The recipes are tried and tested, some are adapted from various places, and a few are passed down from my foodaholic family; but every one of them comes straight from the heart.

I believe in non-fussy, tasty, somewhat healthy cooking, and in using fresh options wherever possible. I don’t believe good cooking requires fancy and expensive ingredients, but rather a clever method with the right amount of balancing flavours.

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Kitchen Therapy provides consultancy in recipe development at all stages. Whether it is for a new product development at institutional level or for a restaurant’s new menu. We believe in personalization and customization for each client, ensuring a result as per the directive. Kitchen Therapy also provides a platform for marketing collaborations to create recipes using existing client products to create new dishes that are easy for consumers to follow and recreate in their home kitchens.

Workshops / Shoots
Want to learn how to cook or bake? Need a hands-on workshop or demo? Let’s do it! Our workshops are insightful, easy to understand and a whole lotta fun! Invite us over, and we’ll do the needful!

Recipe Development
Have a new product out in the market and want some recipes to be made with them to practically show potential customers? We can definitely do that! We can offer simple recipes for the back of your product label, more innovative ones for your website or social media or something more collaborative with Kitchen Therapy platforms – it’s a creative space and we’re happy to work together.

Menu Design
Looking to change your restaurant or café menu? Or add a special Kitchen Therapy menu for a season? We would love to be a part of your food journey – we believe a breath of fresh air is required every now and then to shake things up!
Under menu design services, we spend time with your team and discuss what it is you are looking for and work out a menu with the recipes + training to your staff.

Video Campaigns
Want a cool recipe video for your product? You got it right here! A top shot quickie video for Facebook, or a kitchen set video with Chef Kamini – we are your one-stop-solution! We take care of the production and editing and of course, cross promotion with Kitchen Therapy!

Brand Endorsement
We’re a brand, but we believe in supporting the industry and helping good products reach the right audience. And of course, this would mean a long-term association.

Get in touch: kamini@kitchentherapy.in

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