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the Kitchen therapy Cookbook Club!

This is finally a dream come true, where I get to explore a new cookbook each quarter along with fellow friends who love to dabble in the kitchen and experiment.

This is my way to spend the time and effort to languorously peruse through a lovely cookbook and discover so many exciting ingredients, ways of cooking and food secrets; and sharing this journey with others is a truly a rewarding experience.

What is a Cookbook Club?

A cookbook club is a great way to interact with other food lovers and meet new people too.It is also a great way to explore new cuisines, learn new techniques and get tips from some great cooks!

Each quarter I shall choose a cookbook to choose recipes from –and I shall aim to favour Indian cookbook authors because, why shouldn’t we be lending support to our country fellowmen?

How it will work?

  • Once you’ve signed up with us, we shall share the chosen cookbook details and add you to our KT Cookbook WhatsApp Group where we can discuss recipes and of course, other cooking related discussions! 
  • Each participant can choose the recipe from the book that they prefer to try out and bring to the meet up. Through the time period, we encourage each other to try the recipes and give our own inputs and tips and tricks!
  • The meet up is on the date scheduled and the location and time will be shared the week prior.
  • After the meet up, the WhatsApp group shall be disbanded and a new one will be created for the next quarter.

*Please note there are no fees to enter the Kitchen Therapy Cookbook Club, however, the cost borne by you is the purchase of the cookbook, along with the cost of creating the recipe to bring on the day of the event!

chapter meet up

chapter meet up

June 15th 2024, Saturday
August 18th 2024, Saturday
December 15th 2024, Saturday

If you live in another city and would like to spearhead the chapter there, please do get in touch with us!

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June 2024 Cookbook Club Book:
The Everyday Healthy Vegetarian by Nandita Iyer

Our community

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What people are saying

It was a great way to meet up with new people and also discover a new cookbook to read through and add to my collection.


Loved the meet up session to meet like-minded foodies!


To discover an exciting new cookbook is truly a wonderful thing.


To discuss recipes with fellow-minded peers is such a great evening to have! I look forward to an online group too!