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Good cooking doesn’t require fancy and expensive ingredients, but rather a clever method with the right amount of balancing flavours.

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the Kitchen therapy Cookbook Club!

A cookbook club is a great way to interact with other food lovers and meet new people too.It is also a great way to explore new cuisines, learn new techniques and get tips from some great cooks!

This is my way to spend the time and effort to languorously peruse through a lovely cookbook and discover so many exciting ingredients, ways of cooking and food secrets; and sharing this journey with others is a truly a rewarding experience.

kitchen essentials

Every household – be it for one person or a joint family of people that don’t talk to each other – needs a pantry.

Kamini Patel

I believe in non-fussy, tasty, somewhat healthy cooking and in using fresh options whatever possible. I don’t believe good cooking requires fancy and expensive ingredients, but rather a clever method with the right amount of balancing.

In Conversations

The recipes are tried and tested, some are adapted from various places, and a few are passed down; but every one of them comes straight from the heart.


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life itself is the proper binge

- Julia child

Kitchen Therapy x Collaborations

We would love to connect with you for all kinds of work, ideas and events! Here are a few glimpses of our previous collaborations.