Earl Grey Old Fashioned

Earl Grey Old Fashioned

Thirst Quenchers

The past week I spent on a site visit in the middle of the buzzing forest, drizzle of rain and abundance found a blossoming tree with large green bergamot-shaped lemons. I am still unsure if they were bergamot, but the mind accepted with love, and thought of a cocktail. As the bergamot is very sour I need to balance with sweet and bitters – I brewed a cup of Earl Grey Tea with lots of brown sugar – ideally in a classic recipe it would be a simple syrup infused the tea, but like I mentioned, sugary sweet is not my cup of tea!
I add a few dashes of Meyer lemon bitters, ice and of course bourbon.


The Recipe


  • 1 bag earl grey tea
  • 2 sachets brown sugar
  • slice of bergamot
  • 2 dashes of Meyer lemon bitters
  • 60 ml bourbon
  • ice


  • Brew earl grey tea with sugar and set aside to cool
  • Add a shot of the brewed tea, 2 dashes of bitters, bourbon, ice and stir together in a glass with ice
  • Strain into a fresh iced glass
  • Garnish with slice of orange / lemon / bergamot
  • Serve

Up Next

The recipes are tried and tested, some are adapted from various places, and a few are passed down; but every one of them comes straight from the heart.