Roasted Chickpeas

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Kamini's Avocado Toast

this is something you definitely look forward to waking up... Read More

Finger Sandwiches for LAB

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Peach + Hot Honey Salad

hot + spicy honey, sweet fleshy stone fruits, hard cheese,... Read More

Roasted Tomato Salsa

chunky, smooth, roasted, flavourful packed tomato salsa is a godsend... Read More

Rye Bread

i have long been a huge fan of rye bread,... Read More

Fig + Goat Cheese Bruschetta

dips & condiments,old recipe snack,sandwiches,snacks “cooking is like love.  it... Read More

Mande Roti Stuffed with Gruyere

a recent project involved a lot of reading and research... Read More

Makhana with Curry Powder

makhana is a house favourite especially with my baby niece.... Read More

Mango + Mulberry Quesadilla

mulberry season hits around this time, and when your hands... Read More

Hummus + Roasted Tomato Bruschetta

[ easy, delicious, and super fancy ] bruschetta is now a... Read More

Thin Crispy Focaccia { Sciacchiatine Croccanti }

a yeast-free cracker-focaccia-bread cross that is a great addition to... Read More

Smashed Potato + Truffle Mustard Dressing

potatoes, truffle, mustard – is like the three musketeers, who... Read More

Chai Spiced Cacao Granola

warm and soothing spices swirled with indulgent chocolate is a... Read More

Beetroot + Cumin Hummus

there is hummus, and then there is flavoured hummus. now... Read More

Herbed Cheese Biscuits

cheese, butter, garlic, herbs, chilies bursting with flavour, plus that... Read More

Bialy with cheese + onion

a bialy is what i have gorged on much in... Read More

Cracker Crostini

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Roti Quesadilla

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Vegan Chai Cocoa Cookies {eggless}

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