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Breakfast – for both easy and rushed mornings

Breakfast – for both easy and rushed mornings


‘Eat breakfast like a King’ they say, and yet a small population actually follows this, myself included at times. For most, it’s not about not wanting to eat, it’s more about not having the time and pressing that snooze button a few extra times. And in moments like that, the body craves even more goodness than necessary. I present to you to brilliant options – one that’s made fairly quickly the night before so you can simply grab and go to work, and the other is a double whammy that works for both breakfast and dinner.

The banana muffins are moist and delightful, with a crunchy streusel topping that crisps up just enough to balance out the lovely cake inside. The combination of bananas, cinnamon and vanilla is a classic and you simply can’t go wrong; pair it with hot coffee, and you’re even better sorted!

Now, before you pass this next one off as ‘just an omelet’, I must emphasize the addition of nutritious zucchini, and the zing from mustard and hot sauce – this is an indulgent egg breakfast without the time constraint. This is one of the recipes that I was heavily doubtful about shooting – I mean, it is after all just an omelet! But it’s been pleasantly surprising at how well this one has picked up amongst a lot of my viewers and I’ve even been approached at places in regards to how often they’ve been making this recipe at home – feedback which is honestly the best part of sharing the love of cooking!

So enjoy you’re mornings with either a sweet or spicy kick-starter!

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