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Happy 2019!

Happy 2019!

Doesn’t it feel great to bid the year goodbye? Every time I look up from my kitchen or desk, I am taken aback as to how fast time flies. It feels like it was just yesterday that I learnt how to create graphics and link my website onto various portals! I can’t help but be proud of how Kitchen Therapy has evolved from being a platform to write and break my writer’s block into a full-fledge business with a team, an office and clients! Businesses always grow, but for me, it’s crucial that the person evolves, adapts and most importantly, develops the conscious – asking questions about how are you impacting elements around you, the nature, the environment, the people, and has the soul been satisfied as well?
The past year I did a lot of dabbling here and there, still trying to figure out what to focus on – in other words I was greedy and took on every bit of work that came my way because I wanted all the experiences I could have. But as the year comes to an end, I believe my mind is clearer, glowing with positivity and have streamlined my experiences towards not just building a business, but creating an ethos that is socially responsible, sustainable and beneficial to society. I have a few achievable goals and a few that perhaps will take longer than a year.
Apart from work that, I breathe 24/7, I have set a few reminders to have a personal life that includes reading more books, watching a series on Netflix (I haven’t done this in a year!), take three legit holidays away from the phone and laptop, and attempt more human interactions that are not work related. I believe I will achieve all of the above, save the last one – but at least there is a mild intention!!
Last but not least, THANK YOU for being ardent followers of Kitchen Therapy, supporting our endeavours and ethos and help spreading the love for home cooking!
See you in 2019, a year that shall be filled with love, laughter, cake and champagne!
– Kamini Patel

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