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Surabhi Mehta × Kitchen Therapy: The Guide to a Picnic

Surabhi Mehta × Kitchen Therapy: The Guide to a Picnic



A few flights ago, I watched the movie Paris Can Wait – a must for anyone who loves to eat. In the middle of their road trip, the car gives out and they do what any sensible Frenchman would do – set up a picnic in a conveniently beautiful spot with the basic kinds of foods that we must all keep in our backpacks – cheese, fruit, wine and bread.

Inspired by the set up, I decided it’s time to bring back the picnic into our lives. Here, I show you how to set up a very romantic picnic in your own backyard. I’ve used a vintage theme, because there’s something utterly romantic about old school dates – and it also let me raid my mother’s cupboards! I share with you an old fashioned chocolate cupcake recipe, along with an easy pasta salad that packs well.

For this set up, I have collaborated with Krishna Lalbhai for photography, Mansi Patel from Hello Sunshine for floral arrangements, and my darling Amar Ambani of Quantum Media for videography and the male model!

We have created a cool Behind the Scenes video for you to get a sneak peek to the efforts behind the shots; and it’s somehow turned into a cooler movie-format, which is absolutely fine with me!


To read the article and see more beautiful pictures click: here

Here’s the video featuring: Kamini Patel, Krishna Lalbhai and Mansi Patel

Special thanks to Amar Ambani for his time and energies behind us three crazy women!

Note: the delicious croissants are from Le Artisan Boulangerie

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The recipes are tried and tested, some are adapted from various places, and a few are passed down; but every one of them comes straight from the heart.