What can I say, even I want soup at times! Now, I am not yet at a groaning point of leaning towards the watery diet soups – but true to Kitchen Therapy style – decadent yet fuss-free! These two soup recipes ensure the blues stay far beyond reach, and most importantly are a delight and a therapy in itself to make at home.

The Tomato + Macaroni Soup is the ultimate one-pot soup, where you even throw in the dry pasta to cook together with the tomato broth. It has a few basic ingredients (like almost all my other recipes!) but is simply delicious!

The Mushroom Soup is milder in spice, but packed with warming flavours using a bouquet garni – which is basically fresh rosemary and thyme tied into a muslin potli to impart it’s scents, but not get in the way of texture later on. Additionally, it makes everything feel uber-sexy! However, if sexy isn’t your thing, by all means, throw the whole herb in and gently fish it out at before blitzing, or use about ½ tbsp of dry herbs without worrying. I use milk instead of cream and I promise you, it will be just as creamy and you won’t feel cheated!

In both cases, a piece of bread is essential – because when it’s pouring out there, the body needs a lot more warmth and comfort!

Happy Monsoon!



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