India Food Network: Spiced Hot Chocolate

India Food Network: Spiced Hot Chocolate

In terms of work, I am at a time where there is a lot of diligent work to be done, quietly, systematically and in an organized way. This means I have work hours that just don’t end and on top of that I am constantly struggling between wanting to be in the kitchen and needing to be at the desk – and let me tell you, the struggle is real.

And while I’m in the nitty gritties, my heart tugs at me with the need to explore new avenues and while I have not been finishing my half written new novel – it is now that the inspiration is at an all-time high (I have spectacular timings) and I am bursting with impatience to get back to my notebook. With hot chocolate… with decadent dark chocolate and heady spices to tickle every sense in my body in an attempt to create magic on the paper.

This recipe that I did for India Food Network is my calling for inspirational creative writing, and who knows, it just might work for you too!

Now I shall leave with you this as I attempt (in vain) to juggle professional, personal and whatever else life throws me commitments.

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