Belgian Chocolate Ice-Cream Sandwich in Sourdough with Sinful Bites by Anuja

Belgian Chocolate Ice-Cream Sandwich in Sourdough with Sinful Bites by Anuja

Ice cream and bread? OH YAS!!!

My home-baker friend Anuja, who bakes up a pretty good storm with chocolates and all kinds of desserts on order, now offers up a range of artisanal ice creams, that are eggless and preservative-free!!

As we conversed over the phone, I started to ponder what I could do with her ice cream – and I remembered something vague from the back of my mind – an ice cream sandwich but minus the cookies!

In case you’re starting to doubt my sanity, let’s go through a bit of cultural travel:

Gelato stuffed into a brioche bread with a sprinkle of chopped nuts is a typical Sicilian breakfast foods. In Singapore, rainbow colored sliced bread flavoured in pandan is folded around a brick of ice cream. In Philippines, ice cream is placed in pandesal, round bread roll. Thailand and Vietnam offer up ice cream sandwiches in long hot dog types breads stuffed with coconut-milk based ice cream scoops along with decadent toppings like sweet sticky rice, salty crushed peanuts, evaporated milk drizzle and chewy palm seeds.

So, without much further ado, let’s talk about our ice cream sandwich that we can make locally! Sourdough bread, toasted in glorious butter and sprinkle of sea salt, and decadent delicious Belgian Chocolate Ice Cream scooped between two slices. Perfect as a snack, a dinner on a hot day, and in my case, an indulgent breakfast in bed!

So go ahead, make that call to Anuja, place your order of her delicious decadent ice creams and get cooking!

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Buy Belgian Chocolate Ice Cream from:

Sinful Bites by Anuja, Ahmedabad

Contact: +91 9727001000



Sourdough Bread from:

Le artisan Boulangerie, Ahmedabad @leartisanboulangerie

Contact: +91 9723231177

The Recipe


  • 2 slices of sourdough bread
  • Belgian Chocolate ice cream by Sinful Bites by Anuja
  • Melted butter
  • Sea salt


  • Heat a non-stick pan.
  • Cut two equal slices of Sourdough Bread and apply butter on both sides of the slices.
  • Once the pan is heated place the buttered slices on the pan and toast it till light brown and flip it to toast for couple of seconds on the other side as well.
  • Once done take it off the pan and sprinkle some sea-salt flakes on one of both the slices to add a savoury crunch along with the sweetness.
  • Take two small scoops of the Pure Belgian Ice-cream from Sinful Bites by Anuja and place it on of the sides of the buttered slices.
  • Take another slice and place it on the ice-cream to make a sandwich.
  • Voila!! Your perfect evening indulgence is ready. Have it immediately.

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