No-Bake Berry Dessert

No-Bake Berry Dessert

You don’t have to cook fancy or complicated masterpieces – just good food from fresh ingredients.” – by Julia Child

No matter how hard I try, creating an eggless dessert is a task I absolutely abhor. I don’t believe in soft decadent cakes sans the lovely egg.

That was one of my moments this time when we had some relatives come over, with two adorable tiny tots. Main courses were relatively easy with my sister in law taking care of a gorgeous biryani I ate through the night (guilty as always). Dessert was my department – and all I wanted to make was a sinful chocolate cake that required 3 eggs. But when your guests have a dietary requirement it took every bit of courage I had in me to not order in.

Eggless? Minimum effort? Fresh ingredients? Something that at least “looks” fancier than just a plate of fresh strawberries and cream?

Here I share with you my easiest cheat dessert – no bake berry dessert. This looks and tastes a bit like cheesecake, but it isn’t as firm and needs to be set in a bake dish type vessel. Fresh berries (or frozen), cream, icing sugar, vanilla pod, chocolate chips, scrumptious digestive biscuits…. And barely any effort? Easy peasy! I added some fresh figs in one of the dishes for the adults, and left the smaller bake dish with berries.

This recipe sounds like it takes a long time, but I make all the components in one go, and assemble over time without much hassle. This does require some patience and a ton of will power to not dip your fingers in.

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