Breakfast Sweet Toast

Breakfast Sweet Toast

This recipe comes from a few off-days that had me waking up with a sudden craving for lot's of sugar. Enter cinnamon crunch toast - an American cult flavour! I had the luck of a delicious loaf of sourdough in the kitchen, and I grilled it in good old fashioned butter and granulated sugar and a dusting of cinnamon, topped it with a caramelised grilled pineapple for the extra loving juice and of course, fresh strawberries - because life is always better with strawberries!

Eat with the hands, allowing the butter to drip down your fingers and mouth, and fall in love with life, all over again!

  • Recipe Ingredients

1 slice of sourdough bread
1 tbsp butter
1 tbsp granulated sugar – divided
sprinkle of cinnamon
1 slice of pineapple
1-2 strawberries, sliced
maple syrup - optional

  • Recipe Instructions
Spread the slice of sourdough generously with butter on both sides
Sprinkle ½ tbsp sugar on one buttered side with a dusting of cinnamon powder
Sprinkling the pineapple slice with some sugar as well
Heat a pan on medium
Once the pan is warm, place the sugar side down and grill
Sprinkle some sugar on the up side with cinnamon
In the same pan, add the pineapple slice to grill
Give it about 3 minutes, ensuring the sugar does not burn, pressing down with a flat spatula before flipping over
Cook the other side as well for a few minutes until grilled
Remove the toast onto plate
Add the grilled pineapple on top
Add some strawberries on top
Dust with icing sugar or a drizzle of maple syrup

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