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Product development for Geo-Fresh Organic

Product development for Geo-Fresh Organic



Kitchen Therapy Consultancy: Geo-Fresh Organic

Product Development Consultancy

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Since I was a little girl, the spice market was my favourite place to explore. Of course, it started off as accompanying my mother to the supermarket and becoming delighted at the rows of chocolate bars and crisps, but soon later it became the rows of cheeses from around the world, to the varieties of eggs and milk and eventually, as I grew older, I became to learn, appreciate and explore new flavours. It was also a time when pre-packaged foods started appearing on the shelves – noodles in 2 minutes, frozen lasagna for easy dinners and pre-mixed seasoning packets to make food instantly delicious. It was a dream to peruse those isles of deliciousness each time.

After years of living abroad, and relying on quick fixes for meals, I took an in-depth look – reading labels and figuring out ingredients of the various mixes. I started to recreate them at home and a dream formed to create such exciting and exotic blends but without the added preservatives and fillers.

This dream came true when I was approached by Geo-Fresh Organic – a company that implements and promotes organic farming and works in organic spices, blends, extracts and supplements.

They wanted to develop a range of organic seasoning blends from around the world that helps home cooks create exotic dishes from the comforts of their own home. This consultancy product development project has been one of the most satisfying ones I have ever done, taking me down streets of my childhood in middle east, to holidays in Europe and all other kinds of nostalgia.

Give these spice blends a shot – I assure you cooking never got easier!

Falafel Seasoning – Do you think I do any project without my childhood playing a role? Here is an authentic spice blend to make the perfect falafels without requiring any other additional spices! Add this to spice up paneer grills, rice dishes and fries!

Mexican Seasoning – Now burrito beans, enchilada sauces and Mexican rice is made easier with a help of this spice blend with everything added in perfect quantities! Psst, make a Mexican burger patty too with this one!

Peri Peri Spice Mix – similar to those famous fries, add them to freshly fried potatoes, or sprinkle over paneer or veggies before roasting or even into grilled cheeses!

Pizza Pasta Seasoning  – The all purpose green spice blend with hints of garlic and onion for amp-ing up the flavours of your homemade pizzas and pastas and also perfect to add a tablespoon to your tomato sauce. I also add a good amount to extra virgin olive oil to dip bread into!

Curry Powder  – What a delight this was to create! This is reminiscent of old British-Indian curry powder, to add a boost of flavour to curries, dals, tempered raita and you know, to masala pasta also!

Organic Turmeric Latte Golden Milk with Cinnamon & Black Pepper – Does this one need any explanation? Get your daily boost of antioxidants and immunity with a glass with this herbal mix!

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The recipes are tried and tested, some are adapted from various places, and a few are passed down; but every one of them comes straight from the heart.