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An Interview by Rapti Bhaumick

An Interview by Rapti Bhaumick



Sometimes you meet someone and you just hit it off right away! Rapti and I connected the minute we met at a photography and styling workshop last year and ever since we remained in touch for lengthy discussions on food, books and more food!

Rapti Bhaumick runs her own blog at From the Corner Table where she shares her experiences in the kitchen. Having spent most of her career in journalism, she one day quit to start her blog. She is a self-proclaimed newbie in the kitchen, which I disagree to – anyone who gets a sudden urge to venture into the kitchen is a born cook in my opinion. She shares stories on her blog from lessons she learns from her mother and grandmother. Each story is an utter delight to read.

Now my favourite part is where she shares two posts on ME (humbleness has sailed out the window). She offered me a celebrity-moment and I took it rather greedily! She asked me a ton of questions that made me go down memory lane too and has done a beautiful write up of my love affair with food. I share with her a passed down recipe from my paternal grandmother taught to my mother. I’ve adapted the kashk-e-badamjan to suit the local ingredients and

Read the interview HERE and check out the recipe I shared of my take on the traditional kashk-e-badamjan HERE!

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The recipes are tried and tested, some are adapted from various places, and a few are passed down; but every one of them comes straight from the heart.