An Interview by Surabhi Mehta

An Interview by Surabhi Mehta

Over the past year, Kitchen Therapy has slowly and quietly worked its way through the blogosphere, marking it’s presence, meeting new people and venturing into exciting projects within the food industry. What’s interesting is the support and love bloggers have for each other, all with one goal – let’s do amazing work and if possible, let’s do it together. It’s a beautiful vibe in a world where most of us bloggers invest our time, energies and creativity for nothing else but a sense of fulfilment and satisfaction! In the world that it is today, this is rather refreshing.

I’d like to introduce you to Surabhi Mehta, a fabulous lady, image consultant and make up artist. She has plenty of experience in her field and has now ventured with her blog a very well curated platform for her passions to come together. We had a fun conversation, delicious champagne and of course, some cake. I made a delicate naked two layer vanilla cake infused with fresh rosemary and a bundle of juicy cherries with mascarpone!

Read the interview here.

And the video and pictures, courtesy Krishna Lalbhai, one of the most talented ladies behind the camera!

Look forward to many more Surabhi Mehta × Kitchen Therapy × Krishna Lalbhai collaborations in the near future!

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