Kitchen Therapy Consultancy: Mitti Café

Kitchen Therapy Consultancy: Mitti Café

Mitti Café is a quaint little store and café located in the buzzing food-hub at One42, Ahmedabad. When the wonderful owners – a father-son duo – approached us just before COVID hit, the conversation intrigued me. A café, based on the concept of India and Ayurveda – simple good food. Their passion and vision was well thought out, focused and firm and eagerly motivated to create a new niche in the dining scenario of the city – in short, great clients to work with!

As we worked together with the menu, the recipes, installing the kitchen, it took over a good 8 months, hopping through the obstacles of the lockdowns, curfews and waves. We finally opened to a wonderful response earlier this year, with repeat customers appreciating the healthy, fresh food available, and creating a niche in the market.

The food at Mitti Café follows the guidelines of Ayurveda and sustainability such as:
• Local sourcing of fresh ingredients
• Use of A2 milk
• No use of imported ingredients
• No use of pre-mixes and pre-made sauces or gravies
• Fresh food made daily
• No combination of dairy with fruit
• No refined sugar or flours
• Sourcing a few condiments and ingredients from small batch makers locally, predominantly women-led

What’s on the menu?
• A grain-free, gluten free granola made with amaranth, paired in a peanut butter, chocolate and jelly granola parfait bowl and one with fruits and coconut yoghurt
• An Asian-inspired curry with rice, infused with homegrown Indian lemongrass
• Soy glazed ginger mushrooms on a layer of curcumin hummus on homemade WW crackers
• Fresh salads with Indian protein-rich lentils such as chaura (black eye beans) and foxtail millet
• A whole-wheat and ghee tart base with locally made ricotta, corn and tomatoes
• Classic Swiss-style potato roesti – my niece’s favourite!
• A bread-less burger patty wrapped in a lettuce!
• Paneer tossed in a peanut sauce that is made entirely without oil or butter, served with steamed rice
• A delicious whole-wheat pumpkin tea cake sweetened with jaggery
• Homemade ice creams which are made with real flavours such as espresso, dark chocolate, and my personal favourite – ginger, lemongrass and honey!

Kitchen Therapy Role:
• Kitchen design
• Creative menu concept design
• Recipe development and manual for food and juice beverages only
• Staff training for cooking, plating and styling
• Assistance in sourcing of ingredients and vendor identification

Visit Mitti Café at:
One42, Near Ashok Vatika, Off Ambli Bopal Road, Ahmedabad, Gujarat – 380052

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The recipes are tried and tested, some are adapted from various places, and a few are passed down; but every one of them comes straight from the heart.