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New Beginnings

New Beginnings


Change is a good thing. Change is necessary.
Consistency can get boring after a while, and the repetition burns us out.
However, consistency is key for a successful long running food outlet, but a surprise here and there, a jolt, or an innovative introduction doesn’t hurt at all.
At Kitchen Therapy, we believe in the same. Get rid of the mundane, and breathe in the fresh air. To start with, we have a brand new look and template, and although I was so attached to the previous look, I knew it was time to let go.
We have a few exciting new projects lined up that will be announced as and when the time comes. Interesting avenues, ideas and a lot of hard work are going on behind the scenes right now, and it just leads to prove passion projects always remain the element of happiness to our lives.

So, a little bit about the new:
♥ We’re getting a slight bit better at photography and I am no longer terrified of holding a large expensive camera. I still don’t know what all the buttons do, but I’m slowly getting there.
♥ We have a new style comment box, which is easier for you to ask questions about the recipe and give feedback. All questions will be answered within 24 hours.
♥ The new recipe box style is great to open on an iPad, iPhone or android phone, wherein you can tick off the step done it will minimise and take you to the next step.
♥ Shortly, we will be adding a new feature to become interactive with other home cooks and share their culinary journey with us. More details on this coming soon.
♥ In the transfer from the old to the new, which is a rather tedious process (I don’t know why I say this, I didn’t do it, the lovely boys here did them), some recipes may be misplaced and tagged wrongly – sorry about that, in time all these issues will be sorted out. If you see something, let us know. We will be having teething problems for the next week or so, please bear with us!
♥ We are working on taking the recipes higher by another notch, collaborating with so many new people and overall, aiming to make Kitchen Therapy your one-stop food solutions place.
♥ Each recipe remains well tried and tested and all come straight from the heart.

Thank you for being with us on this therapeutic journey, and we look forward to share many new culinary adventures together.

With warm love,

Kamini Patel


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Up Next

The recipes are tried and tested, some are adapted from various places, and a few are passed down; but every one of them comes straight from the heart.