A part of my family has roots in Jamnagar, and every few weeks a parcel arrives with the famous Jamnagar ni kachori. My brother and I used to take these with us to boarding school – each one nicely packed in gold foil and casing. They are these delicious goblets of fried dough, stuffed with spicy-sweet-salty filling of masalas, raisins, cashews, almonds, fennel seeds and crushed ghatiya(!) which goes absolutely perfect with a garam cup of chai.

So you can understand, that I have countless of these kachoris lying around and it is a staple on the table every time we have guests over – but the other day I craved creativity and innovation – and I thought – why not stuff this into a cupcake? Bizarre perhaps, but the oozing cheesiness and earthy jeera are the prefect contrast against the spicy and crunchy kachori that stays intact in the center while baking!

Go ahead, call me a genius – I’ll take the compliment this time!

Photo Credits: The Kitchen Trail

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