Matcha Chia Seed Pudding

Matcha Chia Seed Pudding

Roger Williams


I am proud to announce Kitchen Therapy has the privilege to collaborate with SPRIG Gourmet Products this year and we have been very busy the past two months developing an array of healthy, simple and easy recipes with their amazing products.

A little bit about SPRIG: SPRIG is an Indian company, which scours the world for the finest gourmet ingredients, particularly those that are not readily available. This ranges from the finest Madagascar vanilla beans to the world’s finest black pepper from Tellichury. They use premium packaging from all over the world – handmade Italian glass bottles, small Spriggle jars and my personal favourite, sleek aluminium tubes.

So over the next few weeks, Kitchen Therapy will be sharing a range of nourishing recipes with SPRIG ingredients, which will be nutritious and healthy and far easier to stick to your New Year’s resolution toward a healthy lifestyle.


As every new beginning starts with something sweet, today we are making a guilt-free dessert made with the nourishing golden matcha, chia seeds and some fresh figs.

Matcha is a beautiful antioxidant, powdered form of green tea leaves, that are plucked when tender and instantly turned into powder form to retain its powerful nutrients. With normal tea leaves, the antioxidants are thrown away after brewing. Green tea benefits are linked to prevent various diseases such as cancer, Alzheimer’s and Parkinsons. And the most motivating one for me – increases metabolism!

A small pinch of matcha powder goes a long way, so apart from being more nutritious, it is also value for money! (And the packaging is even cooler!)

Chia seed pudding is a popular sweet note amongst the health-conscious, particularly in the West. This jelly-like pudding is a lot of fun to eat!


Photography & styling credits: my super talented cousins, Amar & Anjali

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