For easy breakfasts I love eggs – dunked around in some sort of cheesy concoction, I love it even more! For the longest time, I would opt for eggs on toast, but going for wheat and bread every morning is something I am not so comfortable. By that I mean, my stomach. So going for a gluten free vehicle option works better, so I thought of rice rotis – what better than that? These rotis turn out soft and pliable, taste delicious and with fried eggs, work wonders! I usually make some sort of homemade sauce or condiment for myself to last through the week for ease. The past week was a jar of pesto, so that was used on my tacos, along with caramelized onions and feta cheese, and a fried egg with lots of pepper!


The Recipe


Rice Roti:
1 cup rice flour
½ tsp salt
pinch of toasted cumin powder
1 tsp olive oil / vegetable oil / ghee
2-3 spoons of yoghurt, as required

Condiments of choice such as pesto sauce, cream cheese, chili sauce etc
Caramelized onions
Fried egg with salt pepper and chilies


For the rice roti, stir the rice flour with salt and cumin powder
Then add the oil and yoghurt and brign together to bind a soft dough
Roll out small rotis of your desired size
Cook the roti on each side for a few minutes until done

For the taco, warm the roti first and place on the plate
Spread the condiments
Then place the fried egg on top
Serve warm

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