A Kitchen Therapy Event!

A Kitchen Therapy Event!

Dear friends,

I would like to invite you to an event where Kitchen Therapy has received the opportunity to showcase itself to Ahmedabad along with The Bohemian and Roopa Vohra’s Fine Jewellery.

Now, what exactly is it about? What business does a blog have in an exhibition?

Most of you know, Kitchen Therapy started as food blog, a platform for my two passions, writing and cooking, to come together into a beautiful marriage. As time passed, ideas formed and it was clear the passion had only just started to ignite.

Kitchen Therapy is so much more now – we’ve worked with many food brands for recipe development, product testing, marketing collaborations and product development. We’ve also just started to step into the restaurant world, helping with menu development and menu writing. And, even more exciting, a bit of retail consultancy and working with a pretty cool store. 

Most of this will be on showcase at the event, and more importantly, you get to see and interact with the face behind it all – ME! And, hopefully if the response is good, we can do a few workshops or classes together.

Note: there’s no food on sale, I don’t take orders for your dinner parties or make children’s birthday cake… The concept behind Kitchen Therapy is ‘by a home cook, for the home cook!’ and teach you that cooking is a beautiful journey to love and cherish.

Do come by for the Kitchen Therapy experience, see what all we’ve been up to, say hello, and most importantly, eat some cake!

Oh, and your retail therapy is in the form of gorgeous and affordable baubles by The Bohemian and Roopa Vohra Jewellery!

See you soon!



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