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Time to bring out that fryer!

Time to bring out that fryer!


I have to share a little secret with you – I am petrified of frying! So, it was indeed the stars conspiring against me when my super cool producer Madhurima called me up and said let’s do a fried food series! I guess that’s the beauty of life – you end up doing what you always said no to, and you start careers one would never have imagined otherwise.

So while my family sat and laughed at me when I, with immense amount of fear, dropped dollops of batter to be deep fried, they stopped when they stuffed their mouths with oodles of my practice batter! Many diets went for a toss that week.

So, here I present to you two sweet fried dishes with a Kitchen Therapy twist!

The Apple Ring Fritters are simply apple rings double dipped between buttermilk and a cinnamon and flour mixture, deep fried and eaten on it’s own, with a dusting of sugar and/or with hot chocolate or caramel dipping sauce. This is one of the most basic sweet desserts one can make at any given moment, because we always have apples lying around the house, and we would ideally be fending the doctor away with this too!

The Chocolate Banana Spring Rolls is another delightful remedy for dessert, made in minutes, no preps, and looks so fancy you’ll have everyone pretty bowled over. It’s a Kitchen Therapy specialty to do the minimal but reap rather large rewards!

Here you go:

Psst… I’ve become a pro at frying and am ready for any challenges now!

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