Chamomile + Lavender Flavoured Butter

Chamomile + Lavender Flavoured Butter

Dips & Condiments


This gorgeous sweet butter is a unique flavoured butter that makes minutes to make, but feels super fancy. The beauty of a faintly flavoured butter is the versatility – just a smear on toast with some honey, or with scones (my house favourite), and complements the flavour of chocolate in a delightful way – think chocolate pancakes or waffles, use as the butter in the brownie batter – the options are countless!

The Recipe
Serves 250 g



  • Pound the Calming Brew in a mortar and pestle into a fine powder
  • Add to the butter with vanilla scraped pod and whisk
  • Place into container and refrigerate
  • note: if adding honey, swirl in at the end as per your desired sweetness.

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