This is the episode where I can put my hand on my heart and state that I ate more chocolate on set in a span of 30 minutes than I put into this dish. This episode makes me feel rather Nigella-esque and I took the munching on the chocolate rather seriously and every enjoyed minute! This is a delightful warm chocolate pudding that is fudgy on the inside, almost gooey and crackling on top. And if you’ve left it in the oven for longer, it’s a very good chocolate cake. But what is essential is that you eat it in one go, which I couldn’t imagine being too difficult!

This entire recipe can be made within 30 minutes using pantry ingredients – eggs, butter, sugar, flour, vanilla, and dark chocolate. I’ve even sometimes used flavoured chocolate like mint dark chocolate or chilli cinnamon dark chocolate – basically any bar of good chocolate that you have lying around works well. Serve it up with some whipped cream, or even better, vanilla ice cream and this is the warm dish that will make your midnight binge so very worth it!

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