Persian food is a staple in our home – I consider it my comfort food, similar to that of khichdi or biryani. What I adore about Iranian cuisine is the complexity of flavours, without use of chilies – making this the perfect meal for sick days, or days you need more TLC. Each dish is cooked in ghee, there’s an abundance of garlic, onions and mint, there is soothing saffron, and hung curd to bring it all together.

Today, I made up my own recipe to use pumpkin as the vegetable – pumpkin works good for my body with it’s high anti-inflammatory properties, fibre and vitamins.

Pair this with a lentil rice or saffron rice or flatbread.

The Recipe


200g pumpkin cubed into bite size pieces
1-2 tsp minced garlic
1 tbsp ghee
¾ tsp salt
¼ cup hung curd
2 tsp water + 4-5 saffron strands

2 tsp ghee
1 tsp minced garlic
10 fresh mint leaves


In the smallest pan, warm the 2 tsp water and add the saffron and let the water heat gently. Once the colour has come, set it aside
In a larger pan, warm ghee with garlic and allow the garlic to become golden
Then add the pumpkin cubes and salt and toss in the garlic
Halfway though you can cover the lid to create steam and let the pumpkin cook quicker
When the pumpkin has cooked through place it in the serving bowl, creating a well in the center
Place the hung curd in the center and top with the saffron water
Warm the ghee for the tempering and add the garlic and mint leaves to crisp up, and pour the tempering on top of the pumpkin

Up Next

The recipes are tried and tested, some are adapted from various places, and a few are passed down; but every one of them comes straight from the heart.