The Hygge Series: The Egg Sandwich

The Hygge Series: The Egg Sandwich


What’s in an egg sandwich? Does it require a recipe post? I’ve often asked myself that and I have come to the conclusion that I cannot possibly NOT share the one sandwich that is my dinner, at least three times a week. These three nights a week, I strive to come home earlier from work to go on the treadmill, and go down to the kitchen to make this sandwich and eat it in front of the TV in the family room. Thereafter I light some candles, apply a face mask, read a book and switch my phones off. It’s a very required downtime I need in my life.

So, this sandwich – what’s it all about? Firstly, the bread – is of utter importance – because it has to taste good untoasted. I love the multigrain bread, but this also does good on sourdough and to be brutally honest, it’s best on classic white sandwich bread – but after an hour on the treadmill, even I gain a conscience! Then, there is a smear of mayonnaise – that does not bode well with trainers, but I feel it’s absolutely necessary and hence to reduce the amount I also spread a generous layer of Dijon mustard. Lettuce and cheese, but of course. And last but not least the eggs.

I scramble my eggs differently to how I learnt it as a kid. Grease the pan well with olive oil or butter, keep the heat on low. Crack the eggs directly onto the warm pan, careful to not break the yolk just yet. Let the white cook and then gently tap the yolks with the rubber spatula, with which you will imitate the letter 8 until you achieve the desired consistency. Halfway between, add a tablespoon of butter to make very creamy scrambled eggs. I like soft scrambled eggs and this is exactly it. Switch off the heat just before you think you’re done as the heat from the pan will continue to cook the eggs.

Note: this will not come close to the classic egg bhurji

Each time I make the eggs, I scrounge the fridge for something to add – spinach, tomatoes, mushrooms, peppers… this time I found red chilies and I always like a bit of heat. I like to add them in when the olive oil is heating in the pan to give it a bit of roast and when the eggs go in, they simply merge into it. Also, to ensure a smoother unity, chop the veggies as finely as possible.

I also never add extra salt into my eggs as mentioned in the recipe below – because I am okay with the condiments and cheese adding the saltiness – but again, this is upto you. The addition of the butter makes for amazingly creamy eggs, but it is something I also forgo for the sake of my love handles! Life is about balance, so I choose mayo over the butter in this particular sandwich.

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