Filo Fruit Tarts

Filo Fruit Tarts

This entire week has been hectic and rather eventful. There hasn’t been much time to do any good cooking or baking.

But with some filo pastry in the house, and winter fruits glaring at me, I had to do something quick and easy to satisfy by sweet craving.

I used a mini muffin pan and created tarts out of 3 sheets square file sheets, well buttered on both sides.

The filling is of a wonderful dark chocolate with some sea salt, and the topping can be of any fruit you like – I got hold of a few mushy mangos, sweet pineapple and kiwis.

I had a small disaster while making this, the chocolate bowl slipped in my buttery hands, nicking the top of my ring finger, leaving me with just 4 tarts ready in the muffin pan – so please excuse the sloppy presentation this time – my fingers were not able to function! My hands were also shaky henceforth so there’s been a complete lack of decent presentation.

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